July 2022 Industry Brew

Dear Industry Partners, 

There is so much we could discuss about the year we've had so far in the hospitality, resort and timeshare industries, from the relief of the COVID-19 pandemic finally abating, to the impacts of the economy on our industry. 

However, we've promised you a newsletter, not a book. So to mark surpassing the first half of 2022 together, we'd like to share some of what's been going on at iExchange, as well as renew a couple of touchpoints from the past, to keep you up to date with each other as best we can. 

Our commitment to service excellence goes way beyond a smile and a free cocktail. 

At iExchange, we are so driven to provide the best possible service to our guests that we can't wait to reward the men and women who set and maintain our high standard of customer service. 

That's why we go out of our way to recognise individuals who are passionate about what they do, and who always put the customer first with the annual iExchange Service Excellence Awards. What we do is combine survey responses from peers and colleagues, customer nominations on our customer review form, and feedback from our Business Development team to select and reward the highest performers in our organisation in the following three categories: 

1. Ambassador Award

2. Service Excellence Award

3. Hospitality Award 

Make sure to nominate your Service Champion for the consideration period July 2021 to July 2022, by putting their name forward here before 31 July 2022. 

For more information on our Service Excellence Awards, click here

As you already know, iExchange helps holidaymakers exchange their timeshare week for another holiday at any of over 4,000 resorts around the world through our unique Points exchange system. 

This applies to Fixed and Flexi timeshare owners alike, each with its own unique complexities that, with your help, we are committed to overcoming. 

One of those complexities is the challenge of validating an owner's week, so that we can get them started right away. 

Validating that an iExchange member: 

a. Owns the week they say they own

b. At the resort they say they own it

c. And that their levies are up-to-date

is an essential part of our process, and we try to do it with as much efficiency as possible so that every resort we work with can increase their chances of maximum occupancy for 52 weeks every year. 

That's why we ask you to help us be better. 

At the end of every business day, we send a list of members looking to exchange their timeshare to the relevant resort via email. To ensure a 24-hour turnaround time we ask that you please prioritise returning to us with the status of the member (ie: do they own, and do they owe?) first thing the following morning. 

Not only does this help us move the process on faster for the member, but it can also serve as a handy way of reasserting to owners with outstanding levy fees their responsibility remains in good standing with you, their resort. 

For more information on our validation process, please click here

In this modern world of online connectivity, mobile devices and electronic transfers, it's easy to forget that behind every cog in every wheel in the giant machine that is our industry, there are people. 

We'd like to take a moment in every quarterly communication to speak about those people in an iExchange Team Member profile so that should you bump into one of us at your resort or at a conference, you might have something to connect about. 

This quarter, we're profiling Business Development Consultant: 

Ajith Singh

Job Title: Business Development Consultant 

Age: 38

Been with the company since: September 2016

Birth city: Port Shepstone

Hobby: Fishing 

Favourite movie: What Happens in Vegas 

Favourite song: B Side - Da brat ft Notorious BIG 

Favourite holiday destination: Qunu Falls Lodge

Best day of my life: The day I became a DAD!

A motto I live by: Live in the moment

It's an ever-changing business, and there's always a lot to keep track of if you want to provide a quality, contemporary service to your guests and members. 

To stay abreast of what's happening at iExchange more than just once a quarter, subscribe to our Members monthly newsletter here, and feel free to encourage your owners to subscribe! 

The Business Development team together with the rest of the iExhange team would like to wish you a prosperous and healthy second half of 2022, and we look forward to catching up again in the final quarter of the year. 


The iExchange Team


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