Validation of Banking Process

As a resort or management company, you can expect to receive an email each evening detailing all clients who have requested to bank their timeshare ownership with iExchange, as well as what has been banked for the past 30 days. 

Please be careful to check the accuracy of the clients information very carefully - once approved, the ownership is released to our live availability system! 

In this report we will detail: 

Banking Requests: 

  • The owner's name and account details with ourselves, including his home account reference number
  • The ownership he is requesting to bank: Fixed or Flexi
  • In the case of Flexi weeks: 

- If the dates in the report are completed, it indicates the client has said he has booked the inventory off your system

- If the dates are empty, he has requested for you to select the inventory on your system with the highest available points. 

The various statuses provided: 

  • Request to Bank - Inventory has been loaded and ready to be processed once validation provided
  • Pending Flexi Setting - The week has not been set. The resort can provide the unit number and week dates that would provide the owner with the most points. Thereafter, it can be banked once validated.
  • Pending On Risk Decision - The week is close to occupation, but can still be banked once validation provided. 
  • Pending Week Conflict - The week may already exist on another contract on our system. Once validated it can be banked. 
  • Week Conflict Verified Already - The week already exists on the system and therefore another date is required.
  • Banked Inventory:
  • A list of weeks banked for your property over the last 30 days. 
  • Includes statuses Banked and Banked On Risk. Banked On Risk would mean the inventory was banked close to occupation.

How many Points are my client's week worth? 

- This depends on several factors, including how far in advance he banks. 
- A quote is always sent to your client before we bank his inventory. 
- Our dynamic calculator will provide an instant quote (
- You may also view our Resort Directory on the following link and click the points tab (

As our quotes are valid for a fixed duration only, it is very important to reply as soon as possible letting us know whether we may proceed to bank your client's ownership. 

Should there be a specific reason why the banking may not proceed, please give us as much detail as possible so as to relay the message to your client, and/or adjust his ownership records. 

POPI: iExchange has permission from your owners to receive necessary personal details to process his request. Please speak to or email our office should copy thereof be required. 

Your Business Development Consultant is responsible for all banking validations. Please speak to our team should you require any further information. 

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