How to affiliate your property to iExchange

It's as easy as counting 1, 2, 3...

Step 1:

Make sure you know what we are about and how we can benefit you or your owners, and that you are familiar with both our member terms as well as property affiliation agreement.  The following articles may prove to be useful reference but please feel free to speak to our  Business Development Team

Step 2: 

Check that your property meets minimum standards (at least TGCSA 2 star).  Also, that your property procedures are in place to be able to deliver a top class leisure holiday experience (eg including a professional reception check-in process, service units, leisure activities and such forth).


Step 3: 

Submit your signed property affiliation agreement as well as:

  • High resolution images profiling your property as best as possible, showcasing the typical unit a client may expect to occupy, as well as several images showing any amenities, facilities or attractions on or near the property.
  • Bank at least 50 weeks per annum.  We have a strong service philosophy, and until your owners bank their weeks, you as developer or managing agent will be expected to ensure there is minimum availability as indicated to warrant our extended marketing service.  Any Points accrued by banking are immediately available for your or other guests use, subject to the applicable exchange fee as detailed on the iExchange website.
  • Complete the property Information Document as attached.

On receipt of the above, your iExchange consultant will engage further with yourself to arrange a property inspection and on how to maximise your affiliation!

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