Various standard reports are available to you on your Vacation Compass system. Should you require detailed function reporting please speak to your Vacation Compass Consultant.

Available reports

Scheme Debtors:

- Combined statement (email only) - this statement details all financial and points transactions between your Scheme and iExchange, and is automatically emailed to you every Monday and Monthend.

- Contract Exchanges Report - a detailed report of all transactions between your scheme and iExchange. This report will also display all transactions where you have been credited points for any banking to iExchange, or any inventory booked from your scheme.

Reservations reports:

- List of bookings report - this report displays all bookings and cancellations, whether exchange or not, made on debtor accounts within your Scheme. Please be careful not to confuse this with the Scheme Debtors transactions which only records transactions inter scheme.

- Availability report - this details all availability accessible to your scheme, including it's own inventory, iExchange standard, iExchange Plus and iExchange  Private Residence.

- Inventory Usability report - this details all rules setup between your Scheme and iExchange. To read more on this functionality please refer: Inventory Usability Rules

Should you require additional detailed function reporting, please speak to your iExchange Business Development Consultant

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