Vacation Compass

Vacation Compass is the proprietary award winning software developed by the Beekman Group and used to manage all schemes functions.
On license and through agreement, iExchange corporate partners enjoy certain functionality and end-user support (refer your own agreement for clarity of function).


Introduction to Vacation Compass

Vacation Compass is designed to manage timeshare, club and rental operations across multiple schemes with functionality ranging from debtor management, reservations, inter scheme exchanges to reception check-in and other onsite operations.

Outline of functionality

Key functions

  1. Debtor management and enquiries
  2. Sales agreement processing, incl commissions
  3. Inventory Management, incl Levy Creditors, and Inventory Usability Rules
  4. Inter Scheme capabilities, incl banking to iExchange
  5. Reservations, including making a Booking or Exchange
  6. Scheme Debtors
  7. Share Register
  8. Reception Desk
  9. Reporting
  10. Interactive website & content management

Advanced function license available: if you are interested please speak to your Business Development Consultant.
Standard functionality license is included should you have an exchange agreement with iExchange.

User manual

  1. The Vacation Compass manual is available here:
  2. For support or further information, please contact your Business Development Manager or log a support ticket.

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