Making a Booking or Exchange

On agreement with iExchange, their back-office system allows you to make and cancel bookings, without Vacation Compass license, either inventory in your own scheme, or that in the iExchange scheme.

Vacation Compass: should you require full function software management tools for your business, speak to your Business Development consultant for further details.



It is important to understand the difference between bookings and exchanges.
Bookings are made into your own inventory and carry no exchange fee nor iExchange points. It is important from this perspective to understand how your Scheme functions, and the following article would be beneficial: Inventory Usability Rules 

All exchange carry an exchange fee, and a points charge. Your agreement with iExchange will detail this amount.

Your Scheme Debtor account records all exchange transactions between iExchange and your own scheme. The following article would be beneficial: Scheme Debtors

Within your scheme you may setup a single or multiple debtors. Unless you have acquired license to Vacation Compass only single debtor capability is available. In this instance, your iExchange Business Development Consultant may require you to change use of the debtor file from time to time to maintain system speed integrity.

Provisional booking procedures are not included without Vacation Compass license. Speak to your Business Development Consultant should you require more information. 

The "value" displayed on the debtor account ie the points, including that of the inventory item is a default scheme value and should not be compared to the iExchange points value.

By default, a fictional points allocation would have been posted to the default debtors file on original setup. If a further allocation is required, please speak to your Business Development consultant.

Should you require advanced debtor management features inherent in Vacation Compass, please speak to your Business Development Consultant.

How to make a booking: please refer to the Vacation Compass user manual found here: Vacation Compass

When you do a booking search, the result will be aggregated, meaning that both your own inventory, as well as that of iExchange (and affiliates) will reflect and colour coded as follows:
- White - your own inventory - no exchange fee or points charge
- Yellow - standard iExchange inventory
- Blue - iExchange Plus
- Green - iExchange Private Residence
Please refer the iExchange website for definition of the various inventory categories.

** Please note that your particular agreement with determine inventory categories to which you have access, and the exchange fee thereof. Please speak to your Business Development Consultant for more information.


Provisional booking procedures are not included without Vacation Compass license. Speak to your Business Development Consultant should you require more information. 

Cancellation of a booking returns the inventory item to the availability pool to be able to be rebooked.

Your agreement with iExchange details the period before which you may cancel and return an inventory item for credit of both exchange fee and points.
If you cancel an exchange preceding this period, the inventory item will be automatically returned to iExchange, and your Scheme Debtors account credited.

If you cancel after this period, or your own inventory item, it will be returned to your own Scheme availability: in this instance it is very important to note that only if you have setup Inventory Usability Rules will the inventory item be available to iExchange. In this instance, it will be available to iExchange, and if used by iExchange, the points relative thereto will be credited to your Scheme Debtor account.


The following reports may be beneficial to you:

  1. List of bookings report - this report will detail all bookings and cancellations in a given date range. It is important to understand that this is not a detailed report of your exchange activity, as it may include bookings made into inventory exclusively available in your scheme (where there is no exchange fee nor points charged).
  2. Availability report - this displays all availability to which your scheme has access, including iExchange and affiliate available inventory.
    This report may only be run after 5pm and before 8am. 
  3. Scheme debtor reports
    - iExchange statement - this is automatically sent to you each Monday, and month end.
    - Detailed exchange report - should you require a detailed transaction report (for example in excel), this may be requested from your Business Development Consultant.

* Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Business Development Consultant.

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