Arrival Sheets

You can easily manage reservations from different companies all under one report through our software, Vacation Compass. All arrival sheets are sent as an email attachment with a cover letter. 

Please see below an example of the cover letter, and an explanation of its different sections.

Reservations which have changed since your last Arrival Report, can be identified by an exclamation mark icon inserted to the right of the Week # field. 

Remember to ensure that you have updated your check in records accordingly and are ready to receive the correct guest. 

Arrivals are sent on two different days. The first is sent out on Sunday midnight, detailing upcoming Friday check-ins and the next week’s Friday arrivals (2 weeks of arrivals).  The second set is sent Wednesday midnight, also for the next 2 weeks check-in. This includes any changes or updates on bookings. 

For example, a member booked an inventory item 3 months ago, but cancels on the Monday afternoon. The unit is then booked on Tuesday. The updated reservation information for that unit filters through to the arrivals list generated on Wednesday at midnight. 

For any check-in queries, please contact:

For any updates related to your resort, please send them to


Please note that in adherence to the terms of the POPI Act and confidentiality agreements that iExchange may have signed with various corporates and individuals, we may not send out personal details to a third party (e.g. a resort). Should there be communications that need to go out to a guest, please contact our resort support team.

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