Inventory Usability Rules

Inventory Usability Rules allow you to manage, without Vacation Compass license, availability of inventory either from your scheme to iExchange, or visa versa.

Steps to best manage your inventory

Step 1: View available inventory

Inventory may be available in your scheme, either because:

  • You banked inventory into your Scheme.
    iExchange encourages you to bank any additional inventory you may have to your scheme. This is what we term an "on risk" banking.
    Whilst this may be "last minute" inventory, we will never discourage you from doing so in advance.
    Whilst your agreement with iExchange details in what circumstance you may bank direct with iExchange, speak to your Business Development Consultant regards available incentives to bank "on risk".
  • You had exchanged the inventory from iExchange, and cancellation terms per your agreement prevent you from returning.

Inventory in your own scheme is coloured white: if you book or re-book this inventory yourself there is no exchange fee or points charge.

This inventory may either be seen in the booking search screen, or on your availability report.

Step 2: Supplement with additional inventory

  • With the above explanation in mind, review any other inventory that you may have available.
  • Bank!

Step 3: Tell us what to setup

Decision time! There may be reason you do not wish to make available to iExchange certain inventory, for example maybe this was that particularly scarce resort and/ or time of year.  But then again, potentially you wish to give as much possibility as possible to the item being booked, so that you may be allocated points. The decision is yours to manage, but the following criteria can be set on Vacation Compass:

  • Area
  • Resort
  • Complex
  • Unit size
  • Season
  • Days to occupation
  • Applicable from and to

IMPORTANT: if you do not instruct your Business Development Consultant otherwise, the default setting is to keep all inventory in your own scheme.

Download the attached excel file and send us all rules you wish implemented.
Remember, each time you provide a new file, existing rules will remain - check carefully!

Speak to your Business Development Consultant if you need a report of existing rules.

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