Banking Made Easy

iExchange corporate partners may bank inventory in terms of their respective agreements which details the approval process, as well as period to occupation.

Bulk Banking

In order to streamline the banking of your weeks, the following "bulk banking" process should be followed. 

Create a step-by-step guide

  • Step 1: Download the sample template
  • Step 2: Populate the content
  • Step 3: Submit to iExchange via email:
  • Step 4: Receive confirmation from your iExchange Business Development consultant, which will include copy of your scheme debtor statement


- keep the file in csv format to avoid file corruption.

- limit the number of weeks to 150 per file

- insert scheme destination code: 

       - iExchange: IEX01

       - Your scheme (as provided by Business development Consultant)

- Leave account number blank

Remember with iExchange and in terms of your agreement we do not restrict last minute banking: speak to your Business Development Consultant how best to manage your available inventory, or view this article on how best to manage your Scheme availability: Inventory Usability Rules

IMPORTANT: Ensure your content on the submitted template is accurate, including actual occupation dates and unit numbers. Subject to approval, the inventory will be released direct onto the iExchange system.

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