Interactive TV Installation Requirements

When setting up the New Interactive TV, it's important to take note of the following installation requirements to ensure a seamless and enjoyable interactive experience:

  • The TV bracket, screws, remote, and antennas are supplied with the TV and must be used so that secure;
  • The TV is to be mounted vertically, insuring that the Network Ports are at the top;
  • The bottom of the TV must be mounted 80 cm from the ground;
  • A good internet connection is essential;
  • The network (and power) cabling must be neatly trunked or hidden and is preferred over wifi;
  • If connected via wi-fi kindly supply the login and password in order for our team to connect the TV remotely;
  • The power button can be found at the bottom right, at the back of the TV;
  • In the event of Loadshedding, the TV must be manually repowered afterwards; please also ensure that the supplied power surge plugs are used.

IT Requirements:

No TV's connected via WIFI are considered complete and require the following:

  • The placement of these TVs on walls has been determined by our Business Development team. Before proceeding with any wall chasing for power outlets and network connection , please verify this with the Business Development department.
  • Please take note of the specific requirement: Two separate 20mm conduits, each with its dedicated 2x4 box, should be discreetly integrated into the wall.
  • These boxes should be positioned at a height of 1.8 meters from the ground to ensure they are concealed by the TV and above the mounting bracket.
  • Power installation should be done in the left-hand box, equipped with a single 2x4 plug point faceplate.
  • For network connectivity, the right-hand box should be used. In cases where the resort lacks on-site network cables, a draw wire can be installed.
  • It's important to mention that these screens will be incorporated into The Dude for network monitoring purposes.

Feel free to chat to your personal Business Development Consultant for more information or support.


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